Gallup and Palladium deliver an executive briefing at The Shard on 'Managing Tech-Driven Change'

Jarrah Lowe

Business leaders gathered at Gallup's EMEA headquarters in The Shard, London on Thursday 13th February for an Executive Briefing on Managing Technology-Driven Change.

The briefing, delivered by Gallup Director of Communications, EMEA James Rapinac, was a presentation of Gallup's Real Future of Work research on technological disruption and agility and how leaders can create an agile culture, guided by the 'Agile 8' principles; fast decision making, empowerment, risk taking, innovation focus, simplicity, collaboration, transparency and technology adoption, to mitigate technology-based disruption and leverage the potential of digital technologies.

This was followed by Palladium Co-Founder and Director, James Prebble chairing a discussion panel on the topic of successful adoption of technology in the workplace with industry experts Tiffany St James, Founder at Transmute and Palladium Associate Digital Strategist, Dr Ahmed Kalagy, Palladium Head of Agile Product and Technology Implementation, and Paul Lillico, CTO of a business services organisation.

The panel provided first-hand insight into the value and impact digital transformation creates for businesses, if done correctly. Discussing they key success factors in embedding technology into businesses, the role business leaders play versus management and operational employees, what the common pitfalls are, what does agility truly mean for organisations and provided key tips to how traditional businesses can adopt an agile mindset to aid real digital transformation.

This prompted questions from the audience about what exactly is meant by digital transformation and where technology comes into it, and whether agility is just another buzz word.

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