New location opens doors for Palladium and our clients

Jarrah Lowe

Not just a new office

Our recent move, to 75 Bermondsey Street, London, SE1 3XF, provides us and our clients, with opportunities to collaborate closer with our partners in the Group and access more collaborative work space, so we can do the best possible job for you.

Next 15 partnership opportunities

Under the Next 15 roof, Palladium clients will benefit from our access to best-in-class talent and businesses with world class research, data, technology and design capabilities. Since moving, we’ve already started collaborating with other brands in the group, strengthening our delivery and output.

More collaborative space

Our new offices provide additional innovation space, which can accommodate more client workshops and meetings. We’re now conveniently located in the heart of Bermondsey Street, a London Hotpot for eateries and cafes, and just a short walk to/from London Bridge Station and London Bridge Underground.

Happier people, happier clients

For our people, our new office boasts a variety of perks, conducive to employee well-being. In addition to the more collaborative work space ing areas and meeting rooms, we also have access to a communal kitchen cafe, which provides daily snacks and drinks and lunch once a week. We also have access to a presentation area, and more informal seating for client and internal meetings. table tennis table, booths and couches for more relaxed working. There is also For those who've prescribed to our bike-to-work scheme, or exercise before work, we have bike storage and showers on site.

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