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Uncovering opportunities for digital business performance improvements one of Europe’s leading electronics retailer

Palladium was appointed by an investor to undertake a digital due diligence on a leading electronics retailer.

Palladium engagement

The objective was to assess the digital capabilities of this retailer against the likes of Amazon and other leading electronic retail businesses across Germany, Austria, and Belgium. Given the relative dominance of Amazon, this potential investor sought reassurance that the niche carved out by this retailer was one that had growth potential and a position in the market that was sustainable.

Our approach

  • A detailed review of existing web properties using our advanced UX and analytics toolkits. Including modelling of competitor traffic, traffic origination sources, on site engagement and conversion
  • Analysis of current digital visibility and demand generation performance using a variety of digital analysis tools and advanced data modelling techniques
  • Evaluation of social channels and content marketing to establish share of voice. Development of reputational insight, customer affinity and future market demand
  • A detailed review of the business digital strategy and future performance projections. Team structure, ways of working and utilisation & management of customer data

Key findings & results

Palladium produced a digital due diligence report and delivered to the client in a short three week period.

The outcome of the report helped identify opportunities for further business development across a variety of online channels. The report was able to showcase areas of high performance that, if nurtured correctly, could deliver a competitive advantage in what is a tough, fast-moving market.

The current digital foundations of the retailer were found to be robust enough to provide a solid platform for future development, reassuring the investor that the business had the ability to scale.

Consequently, suggestions were developed to capitalise on the discovered business opportunities, driving returns and business growth.

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