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Validating the scalability of brand awareness, digital marketing, and product development

The challenge

Palladium was asked to determine the digital performance of the target business and validate the robustness of future product development plans.

In order to achieve this - analysis covered three key areas:

1. Understanding the role of each digital channel in current and future business performance

2. Identifying any red flags, critical risks and opportunities within digital channels

3. Reviewing technology offering and determining the feasibility of the current technology development roadmap to validate revenue projections

Our approach

Palladium’s diligence covered a number of key elements of the target’s past business success and future plans:

  • Analysed current digital marketing performance, its contribution to growth as well as its sustainability and defensibility of performance
  • Identified improvement opportunities in digital channels, including customer engagement strategies and analysis of the role and maturity of digital channels (SEO, PPC, Affiliate and Social media marketing activity) in supporting the core and future model
  • Evaluated online brand awareness vs the competitor set and identified opportunities to increase digital visibility
  • Benchmarked the product suite and roadmap against competitors and evaluated the ability to support key business growth KPIs (e.g. revenue per active customer)
  • Analysed the role of its mobile app to drive usage frequency and revenue contribution
  • Assessed the feasibility of data as a future revenue stream

The result

Our work supported a successful acquisition by providing our client with comfort across the key diligence areas:

  • Identified that the business had a strong digital marketing and tactical product development culture
  • Validated the future strategy and the planned product developments as well as opportunities to develop a longer-term integrated delivery 3-5 year roadmap

Bringing together our digital marketing, product and technology diligence teams allowed us to provide a multifaceted perspective on the future scalability of the business, while also creating a smoother and more joined-up process for the management team.

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