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Transaction Advisory: Palladium’s Approach to Augmented Commercial Due Diligence

By Dan Shreeve,

Traditional CDD methodologies are well-established and provide invaluable insights into market opportunities, competitor positioning, customer perception and ultimately the achievability of the target’s business plan. However, digital is increasingly important in more and more industries, and our CDD clients recognise that traditional approaches can’t always fully answer their key investment questions or provide comfort on the ability to deliver planned growth or future upsides. 

This business is omnichannel and future growth is based on digital and technology trends.

I need to understand the market opportunity, but I also need to understand if this business is well placed to win.

Our heritage in digital and technology helps us provide a broader perspective on the growth levers that can be pulled and the target’s ability to deliver. In the last year, Palladium has supercharged the capability of the Transaction Advisory team through the acquisition of the award-winning research and analytics expertise from White Space Strategy and experience from PMSI, Fairgrove Partners, CIL, PwC, EY, and FTI. This, combined with our existing commercial, digital, and technology expertise, creates a compelling proposition. ​

We specialise in diligence on digitally-focused businesses and those with a digital growth story, providing a differentiated and augmented CDD offering in the market:

Digital data generating deeper insights​

Our approach builds on a traditional CDD by adding best in class digital data and expertise to a wide range of primary and secondary research methods. ​

  • Triangulation of market analysis and our expert interviews with trends in digital data drives higher confidence in findings.​
  • Validate and augment direct customer referencing with digital sentiment, share of voice and reviews from wider customer landscape.​
  • Greater insight into the right to win with competitor benchmarking enhanced by digital metrics such as share of search traffic and digital performance.​
  • Digital data points allow instant comparisons across international markets and between adjacent sectors. It gives almost ‘live’ insight as well as historical trends ‘out-the-box’​

Unique insight from digital and technology specialists

Digital and technology levers are increasingly important for more and more businesses. We are digital experts and understand how technology can drive value in businesses.​

  • Define the potential market size and assess the digital levers to realise the headroom.​
  • Augment customer feedback from interviews and surveys with unprompted feedback from forums, social media and online review sites.​
  • Understand direct competitors on proposition but also the broader competitors for online visibility.​
  • Ensure the assessment of forecast assumptions includes both commercial and key digital metrics and also identify what can realistically be done to drive assumed growth (CRM to drive LTV, UX to drive conversion rate).​

Value Creation is in our DNA, not an afterthought​

Our diligence is opportunity-focused, and our digital expertise means that we provide robust recommendations for driving growth and optimising margins.​

  • Our expert practitioners contextualise opportunities from customer acquisition and retention, technology and data programmes to investments in team and capability.​
  • Digital implementation is our core strength, with recommendations rooted in real-world delivery experience.​
  • We understand the different success levers at all stages of a company’s maturity – How can they practically deliver on the apparent headroom? What are the investments in people, process and tech that could make a tangible commercial impact?

Please contact the transaction advisory team if you are interested in learning more about our commercial due diligence expertise.

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