Dan Shreeve appointed as Global Head of Due Diligence

Jarrah Lowe

We're delighted to announce the appointment of Dan Shreeve as Global Head of Due Diligence.

Dan has over 14 years of commercial experience, working in both corporate and consulting environments undertaking market analysis, competitor benchmarking, business planning and strategy and new business development.

Before joining Palladium, Dan worked for PwC, Ladbrokes and ran his own consultancy business, providing due diligence services and strategy to a range of clients including CIL management consultants.

Dan will be driving the operational element of Palladium’s award-winning due diligence service, ensuring delivery excellence for our clients.

What attracted you to Palladium?
When I started working with Palladium at the beginning of this year, coming from a commercial due diligence background, it was eye-opening to see the level of insight the team could provide about a business’ digital capability. It became apparent very quickly that the team’s expertise was hugely valuable to clients. With digital channels taking an ever-increasing share of marketing spend, Palladium is in a unique position to be able to support clients to identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency.

I was also really impressed with the way the team worked together so effectively and the culture of the business. I felt like part of the team straight away, so was very excited when the opportunity arose to join the team permanently.

Dan Shreeve Bw 500

What will your new role be at Palladium?
My focus is on further developing the Palladium due diligence proposition and our team of digital experts. I want to bring my experience working with a range of private equity and corporate clients across commercial due diligence, new business and strategy development to complement Palladium’s extensive digital expertise.

What do you hope to achieve at Palladium? I want Palladium to cement its position as the market leading digital due diligence provider. I also want to better integrate our due diligence with the amazing Value Creation and Product & Service Development services at Palladium, to help clients drive value beyond the transaction and through the investment holding period.

Tell us a bit about what you were doing before starting at Palladium?
I ran a consultancy that provided support on strategic projects, evaluation of M&A opportunities and collaborative working. This included commercial due diligence and strategy for clients like CIL and Private Equity portfolio businesses as well as investment readiness and strategy development for VCSEs and start-ups seeking investment. I have spent a lot of time working with businesses that deliver positive social impact and this is an area that I am keen to explore further at Palladium.

What’s your biggest achievement, academically or career wise, to date?
I have been lucky to work with a range of very high-profile business (in the good times and the bad) including Pret, HMV and Ladbrokes but I am often proudest of the smaller local charity projects that I have been involved in such as developing a new service strategy for a mentoring charity.

Favourite sport?
Squash or climbing (although as an ex-rugby prop, I couldn’t be further from the ideal build).

Football team supported?
Growing up it was Derby County, but I am spending more time at Bath City FC (in the pre-COVID days).

What is your go-to box set?
Mostly comedies from Blackadder to Parks and Rec.

Tea or Coffee?
3 years without coffee then my first child arrived.

What one item couldn’t you live without?
Probably headphones as I love to have music on wherever I am.

Favourite brand?
I like values-led brands with a strong social purpose like Allbirds or Patagonia.

Anything else you want us to know about you?
I love to travel and I highly recommend living the camper van life in New Zealand.

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