Featured Case Study

Palladium lead digital transformation programme for global travel & tourism authority

How a 30 year-old authority in the travel & tourism industry transformed its customer engagement and internal ways of working by embracing digitally led change.

About the company

A membership-based organisation, representing key players in travel and tourism by advocating to governments on their behalf. Whilst they produced best-in-class research and convened world-renowned gatherings of private and public sector leaders, analogue communication methods and outdated ways of working were impacting business growth and impacting operational efficiency.

Existing digital channels were hampering their message rather than propagating it, customer value propositions had begun to grow stale, and internal teams were duplicating effort across numerous legacy internal systems. Palladium were engaged to evaluate how digital would best help the organisation thrive top to bottom – beginning with a revamp of their website and a new mobile application for members.

Our approach

The programme began with a wide-ranging discovery exercise, gathering data from across functional teams complemented by industry and competitor benchmarking. Discovery uncovered four themes that threaded throughout the business and informed a digital roadmap for the business. Accompanying the vision were 11 recommended initiatives which were prioritised by commercial upside to the business and potential to help the client further its mission.

Transitioning from strategy to execution, the Palladium team managed 11 distinct workstreams over the course of nine months. This involved engaging stakeholders from numerous areas of the business, tendering and managing external vendors, executive reporting, and the supporting change management.

Key findings & results

Rather than an afterthought of BAU activities, digital has become a driver for how the organisation understands, executes, and measures its strategic activities. Key results from the engagement include:

  • Developed new offering aimed at growing customer volume by expanding to SME market, oversaw launch and early operationalisation of offering which saw c. £40k of revenue within 2 months.

  • Developed framework for planning, executing and measuring marketing campaigns – reducing reliance on external vendors and bringing capacity in-house

  • Creation of exclusive member mobile app, expanding the value add to members by facilitating collaboration and insight sharing, reducing physical costs for distributing collateral, and streamlining data management

  • Expanded and solidified role of existing CRM – expanding integrations with other tooling to reduce manual data management and duplication of effort

  • Introduced social listening capabilities to equip strategy team and other stakeholders to stay abreast of emerging customer and industry themes

  • Consolidated collaboration tooling, migrating from numerous file storage, messaging, and reporting tools into one centralised platform

  • Launch of a completely redesigned website and email marketing platform, providing more flexibility to engage core stakeholders and expand to new consumer traveller market

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