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Mayflex: Identifying digital solutions to support sales & marketing teams meet ambitious 2020 targets

Acquired by Sonepar and with a new focus on digital channels to drive sales, Mayflex set themselves a target to deliver 20% of revenue through digital by 2020.

About the company

Mayflex is a leading distributor of converged IP solutions including infrastructure, networking and electronic security solutions.

As a close knit, B2B business with a tradition of selling through traditional channels Mayflex recognised that achieving this goal would require significant change.

Palladium engagement

Palladium worked with Mayflex to define the overall digital strategy, identify specific opportunities to drive revenue and create a digital innovation pilot that would pioneer Mayflex’s digital transformation.

Our approach

The Palladium team developed Mayflex’s digital strategy by:

  • Profiling existing and future customers’ digital behaviour and expectations
  • Benchmarking performance against key competitors
  • Identification of under-served digital channels and customer segments
  • Understanding internal digital capability and identifying gaps

The result was a digital strategy that highlighted appropriate digital solutions backed up by real world evidence. Palladium prioritised each solution to create a digital roadmap and identified an initial set of activities around digital marketing and sales that would be piloted by a digital innovation team as a first step toward realising the strategy.

Palladium were subsequently re-engaged to set up the digital innovation team, and put the digital strategy into action. To achieve this Palladium:

  • Recruited key roles to deliver future digital growth
  • Set up a cross functional Agile team to run digital innovation initiatives using SCRUM methodology
  • Identified and implemented digital tools to facilitate delivery of the pilot
  • Introduced rigour and structure around tracking sales metrics and measuring performance
  • Redesigned key business processes to leverage best practice ways of working
  • Developed training approach to embed best practice learnings from the Pilot

Key findings & results

  • Clear digital strategy defined identifying roadmap to achieve target of 20% of revenue from digital by 2020
  • New ways of working identified and digital innovation team of 5 FTE recruited and mobilised
  • The digital innovation pilot created £120+ sales pipeline in just 6 weeks
  • Processes and ways of working put in place to drive ongoing success
  • Created evangelists for digital within the business

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