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Mayfair Private Equity Partners: Parcel2Go

Mayfair Equity Partners were considering an investment in Parcel2Go, Britain's biggest independent price comparison platform for parcel delivery services, to grow the business.

About the company

Parcel2Go.com, based in Bolton, Greater Manchester is the UK’s leading parcel delivery comparison website, offering a cheap alternative to the Post Office to consumers and small eBay sellers/businesses.

Consumers can send anything, from a small packet to a large parcel, to destinations throughout the UK and internationally, for a cheap price.

Palladium engagement

Mayfair's vision to grow Parcel2Go and continue to apply pressure on the Post Office as an alternative parcel delivery service, relied heavily on the businesses ability to lead the digital space.

Keen to understand the businesses digital competencies and relative digital opportunities, the Palladium team were engaged to explore Parcel2Go's current digital footprint, internal digital competencies and opportunities for further gains through the advancement of digital operations and go-to market strategy.

Our approach

Using a blend of proprietary digital research tools and working directly with Parcel2Go management and their digital data sets, the Palladium team undertook a detailed analysis of the business. Reviewing all elements of the businesses go-to market strategy as well as completing a review of internal support technology, teams, and data & analytics capabilities.

The review was further complemented by a detailed assessment of existing customer cohort data and the development of future growth opportunities based on future growth initiatives identified as part of the review.

Key findings & results

The output from our digital due diligence provided our client, Mayfair Equity Partners, with the information they needed to proceed to completion of the investment. We provide detailed insight into Parcel2Go’s digital capability and developed a series of recommendations to help accelerate future growth plans, all backed by robust data sets.

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