Featured Case Study

Evaluating digital maturity and identifying opportunities to facilitate a buy and build strategy

Palladium conducted a series of digital due diligence engagements to support the development of a buy-and-build strategy across a portfolio of outsourced IT providers.

The challenge

The client had two key questions:

  • What was the comparative digital maturity of potential targets?

  • Are there any identifiable opportunities across both businesses to inform the strategic approach to digital brand integration?

  • Our approach

    Palladium conducted an in-depth engagement covering:

    • A digital maturity assessment across the B2B Go-to-Market and operations functions, including sales and marketing integration across CRM, ways of working and lead scoring

    • Benchmarked and compared digital performance, processes and capabilities across the Go-to-Market approach to identify opportunities through integration

    • Analysed lead demographic data, using in-platform social insights, to refine targeting strategy and marketing personas

    • Calculated and projected available headroom across digital channels. Palladium calculated visit-lead-sale conversion rates through analysis of digital and internal sales transaction data

    • Analysed the robustness of email marketing personas, workflows and content production to support lead nurture strategies and drive incremental value through cross-selling

    The result

    Palladium’s in-depth work provided the client with the following key outputs:

    • Digital maturity assessment of Go-to-Market channels identifying quantifiable revenue opportunities using paid media and optimisation opportunities in an already strong SEO function

    • Prioritised digital recommendations, outlined dependencies and phased into a 12-month plan to highlight key investment opportunities based on the speed of implementation and transformational impact

    • Provided integration advice for single vs multi-brand strategy, digital and organic search considerations to inform buy-and-build strategic approach

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