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Sage: Design and deployment of financial services digital sales & customer service capability

Market leading accountancy software company, Sage, engaged Palladium to help them react and compete with new entrants to their market.

About the company

Sage are a market leader in the accountancy software market. Their software helps millions manage accounting, finances, payments, operations, and people.

When new entrants in this market began to take market share through faster and more agile sales activity, a greater customer focus, and better designed products the client needed to react fast in order to compete.

Palladium engagement

Sage engaged Palladium to help them realise a sales and marketing function that was more aligned to the demands of today's purchases was needed, with digital at its heart.

Our approach

Palladium utilised the following tools and processes to uncover insights to inform the design of a new digital sales and marketing process for Sage:

  • Review of current operating model, with specific focus on sales, marketing and customer service teams
  • Detailed review of current sales and marketing activity
  • Competitor review across all digital channels
  • Internal capability assessment across sales and marketing
  • Identification of current sales and marketing processes
  • Benchmarking lead generation and conversion performance
  • Review of marketing technology and its utilisation

Key findings & results

  • Design and implementation of new digital sales and marketing team structure
  • Development of new sales and marketing function across the US and Europe
  • Design and implementation of new demand generation, lead management and nurture processes
  • Enhanced tracking, reporting and analytics technology implemented

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