Featured Case Study

Digital defensibility of a global travel provider

Palladium was asked to establish the digital defensibility of a global travel provider and conduct a detailed analysis of the pillars of the go-to-market strategy, to help support expansion into other markets.

Our approach

  • Identified the digital pillars of success and visualised their interconnectedness

  • Reviewed unit economics of the freemium offering, to establish the impact and value over customer lifetime

  • Evidenced levels of differentiation and defensibility against the competitive set

  • Validated the scalability of the existing go-to-market strategy to new markets

  • Conducted impact assessment of Google algorithm updates on organic traffic

  • Established the value of free and paid customers segments through segmenting keyword themes

  • Analysed the impact of ATL advertising on growing brand traffic

  • Created a geographic demand heatmap based on search data for strategic prioritisation

  • Key findings & results

  • Identified the digital pillars of business success and evaluated their defensibility against competitive threats

  • Identified opportunity to grow revenue through monetisation of free user base

  • Reviewed the opportunity in new markets and the scalability of current processes

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