Supporting Private Equity

Ultimately, growth is the commercial imperative for Private Equity and Venture Capital investments. Palladium identifies and drives the change necessary in terms of technology, customer experience and business capability to allow organisations to scale effectively.

What We Do
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Due Diligence

Commercial due diligence is vital in any transaction advisory process. Investment firms need to understand that their investment is secure and does not have any inherent profitability issues. Palladium believes digital due diligence is equally as important. It aims to unearth immediate issues in terms of operational efficiency and opportunities to save money or increase profit. Our digital diagnostic is opportunity focused and will identify areas where the business can prosper in the future.

The business is analysed in the context of the market place and the competition, to provide a benchmark for the investor to measure against. It provides the data, insight and key priorities needed to develop the value creation plan.

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Transaction Advisory
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Value Creation

This involves working closely with the leadership team to determine the goals for the business and then to prioritise in detail the activities the business needs to undertake to achieve them.

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Product & Service Development

Palladium is radically different from traditional consultancies. We base our recommendations on a strategy we believe we can and will implement together with your investments. We build capability to design and develop the products and services which will enable organisations to scale quickly. Collaborating with your investment's team, we work fast and cost effectively to iterate and prototype new products and services.

Adopting agile working practices, we make sure our time is focused on developing solutions that add value. We build and test working prototypes to assess their viability so we can make decisions around whether and how to scale effectively.

Product Service Development
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Adoption & Deployment

The adoption of new practices tends to be overlooked within investments and organisations. Businesses often do not understand how to cost and implement new technologies accurately and effectively. Leadership teams underestimate the difficulty for their own staff to adopt new technology on an ongoing basis.

Palladium not only understands the business requirements for the choice and specification of technology, we understand how to use it effectively. We will train your investment teams how to use technology and leave them working better.

Adoption Deployment