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Deliver cost savings and efficiency opportunities across your portfolio businesses

Stabilise your portfolio and don't waste a good crisis.

The contagion of economic events on business activity is inevitable; however, the magnitude of impact is largely dependent on how quickly businesses react and adapt to changes.​

During periods of uncertainty, businesses are forced to take deeper scrutiny in their operations and, more than ever, revisit existing strategies and plot new courses.​

​2022 has seen a confluence of inflationary and geopolitical volatility result in the end of a decade-long cycle of low interest rates.

The spiralling knock-on effects are vast, but the key questions in boardrooms right now are succinct:

  • How are we going to get through a potential economic downturn unscathed?
  • How can we come out of it improved and on the front foot?

Palladium has created a business resilience 10-day accelerator programme tailored at tackling the specific challenges of the current economic climate.


What you get:

Palladium’s Portfolio Resilience Review, suitable for any business in your portfolio, offers two 10-day rapid reviews, tailored to identify quick, actionable solutions to save money and improve efficiencies across marketing and technology functions.

  • Technology cost optimisation
    A rapid high-level assessment of technology systems and process spend to identify potential operational inefficiencies and duplications of the highest cost.
  • Marketing cost optimisation
    A review of the marketing cost by practitioners who understand what is appropriate in the context of strategic approach.

Each review delivered in 10 days for £10K by digital experts.

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Why do it?

  • Actionable solutions
    Receive actionable and prioritised solutions that directly tackle the opportunities or risks identified.
  • Expert insights
    Practitioners in Marketing or Technology providing recommendations with strategic context.
  • Rapid review
    A fast Technology or Marketing cost review with analysis carried out and delivered within 10 days.

Why Palladium?

Award-winning digital advisory support that spans the investment cycle

  • Leaders in diligence
  • Proprietary tooling
  • Tested frameworks
  • Practitioner-led
  • Implementation specialists