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Travel Due Diligence: Assessing the Digital and Tech Health of Potential Acquisitions

By James Prebble,

The global travel industry has undergone a major digital transformation over the past decade. Travellers have mostly traded visits to brick-and-mortar travel agencies for online booking platforms and mobile applications. Travel providers spend more of their budgets on optimising their websites, updating social media platforms and personalising content with big data. 

But travel’s extensive digital transformation journey doesn’t stop there—a growing number of travel companies are choosing to integrate AI into their operations through customer support chatbots. This level of digital transformation demands something of a travel due diligence shake-up—one that elevates the importance of digital and tech capabilities.

The Necessity of Digital and Tech Due Diligence in Travel

Understanding the digital and technological capabilities of travel businesses pre-acquisition is essential. Let’s explore why these foundational aspects of travel businesses require in-depth due diligence:

Understanding digital and tech capabilities

Ultimately, digital and tech due diligence determines the current capabilities of travel assets. For tech due diligence, this generally includes technology infrastructure, cybersecurity, operations, delivery methodology, data management, intellectual property, team capabilities and future development roadmaps.

Uncovering value and ROI

The digital maturity of a potential acquisition is a predictor of future financial performance. A forward-thinking travel asset with a good digital presence prioritising robust cybersecurity measures and utilising the latest tech to streamline operations is primed to generate revenue. These types of assets are usually better equipped to adapt quickly to market shifts, ensuring a much healthier ROI.

Identifying competitive advantage 

Travel firms that utilise innovative tools and technologies stand out from the crowd in the eyes of consumers. In an industry saturated with options, it’s the companies that embrace digital transformation that differentiate themselves. But this competitive advantage they offer is not just about the here and now—it is an indicator of future performance.

Digital risks and regulatory considerations

Travel firms that embrace all things digital and technological take on a new set of risks. These include cybersecurity threats, data privacy concerns, technical glitches or outages,

In particular, Compliance with regulatory conditions is another critical area assessed during digital and tech due diligence. In the digital age, travel companies must adhere to a diverse range of regulations, particularly those related to data privacy, customer protection and cybersecurity.

At Palladium Digital, we ensure a thorough examination of these aspects to help our clients make informed investment decisions.

Why Choose Palladium for Digital and Tech Due Diligence?

When it comes to digital and tech due diligence, Palladium Digital stands apart due to our extensive experience, deep sector expertise, and a track record of success.


Palladium Digital has a proven track record in providing digital and tech due diligence for a wide array of travel and tourism businesses. We have successfully completed many projects, providing our clients with the insights they need to make informed investment decisions.

Sector Expertise

Our team comprises industry veterans who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in the travel sector. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in this industry, enabling us to provide due diligence that is insightful, relevant, and actionable.

Case Studies

To further illustrate why to choose Palladium, here are some of the projects we've worked on:

  • Travel Chapter (Searchlight): We assessed the go-to-market strategy for this client, providing insights into their market position and competitive landscape.
  • Virgin Experience Days (Equistone): Our team performed a comprehensive due diligence, covering both technological infrastructure and digital presence.
  • Forest Holidays (USS): We assessed the technology infrastructure and digital presence of this holiday provider to inform their investment decision.
  • Sykes Cottages (Vitruvian):We provided insights into the go-to-market strategy for this client, helping inform their investment strategy.
  • Lake Lovers: Our team conducted a digital due diligence for this vacation rental company, providing valuable insights into their online presence and digital strategies.

Each of these case studies demonstrates our ability to provide extensive, in-depth due diligence that enables our clients to make informed investment decisions. For more information on our work, visit our case studies page.

In summary, Palladium Digital is the go-to consultancy for digital and tech due diligence in the travel industry. Our experience, expertise, and successful track record make us the ideal partner for investors seeking to understand the digital and technological capabilities of potential acquisitions in this sector.

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