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The Importance of Mental Health at Palladium: An Everyday Commitment 

By Palladium,

Today, as we celebrate World Mental Health Day, we are reminded about the invaluable relevance of mental health. It is a day that underscores the importance of fostering an environment centred on mental wellbeing. However, at Palladium, honouring mental health is not confined to a single date in the calendar—it is a commitment we uphold all year round. 

At the heart of Palladium thrives our firm belief that our people are our greatest asset. Promoting their wellbeing isn't just an act of responsibility, but a commitment that fuels our innovative, creative, and productive prowess – cornerstones that set us apart as a diligence and transformation consultancy.

In order to ensure wellbeing is always at the forefront of what we do, our wellbeing committee, the voice of the collective, meets bi-weekly to discuss mental health matters. Promoting healthy living, stress management resources, and more through a centralised hub accessible by all, this committee ensures mental health conversations are dynamic and ongoing in our town halls. The wellbeing committee aims not only to share tips and tricks on how to improve mental health, but also to regularly organise events such as meditation sessions with professionals to help people put the advice into practice.

Additionally, we are committed to ensuring that safe-spaces exist within our organization, with mental health officers always at hand to listen and respond to any wellbeing concerns. Playing in tandem is our dedicated team of trained mental health first aiders on-site, ever ready to extend immediate help. Moreover, we understand that some discussions may require anonymity, and so, we have an anonymous messaging box as a part of our system.

We know that providing support to employees during periods of challenge should always be at the core of any company’s ethos. Sometimes work gets very busy, and sometimes, it’s personal circumstances that take people through difficult times. And in those moments, professional help can be of immense value. That is why we offer complementary anonymous therapy sessions to all our team members, and we also facilitate access to a wellbeing hub brimming with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) exercises and other mental wellbeing resources. This reflects our conviction that seeking assistance is not a sign of weakness but a brave step towards self-care.  

We recognise that every employee has different needs, and we try to do our best to provide a work environment that allow each employee to decide what works best for them: In office, hybrid or remote. No matter what they choose we strive to build genuine relationships with them to keep the communication line open so that we can provide the support that they want and not the support we think they want.  

Being committed to helping others is our key priority, but we also understand that part of fostering a culture of wellness is the acknowledgment of our individual and collective triumphs. Mental health is not only something to “fix” at times when things get difficult. Promoting a positive office culture goes a long way in ensuring people are happy in the environment they work in. Thus, we have a vibrant recognition system, "Taps", where employees can extend recognition to their peers for their commendable efforts. These messages fuel a positivity circuit within our offices, culminating in a 'Taps' trophy every fortnight. 

And sometimes, simple joy-giving facets can have a daily impact. Complimentary breakfasts in the office can kickstart a day of productivity, discounted gym memberships can help nurture the mind-body connection (after all, good mental health is intertwined with physical health), and discounted cinema tickets always add something to look forward to after a work day. 

These are only some examples of how to foster a healthy environment where employees are listened to and can reach out if they need it, but there is so much more that can be done to ensure no one is left behind. We constantly strive to improve the wellbeing of everyone, and every day is an opportunity to uphold and pursue our commitment to mental health. The effort to ensure everyone feels valued, heard, and supported is an every-single-day-of-the-year responsibility. 

Happy World Mental Health Day from Palladium! 

Working in high-pressure deadline-based environments such as consulting when living with GAD can be very tricky, but Palladium go beyond expectations in regards to mental health. Partnering with Health Assured and having fostered a genuine culture where you really can come to anyone and speak about what struggles you have is not only reassuring but it allows me to be my best version of myself at work.

Dylan Hamilton, Analyst 

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