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​Revolutionising healthcare delivery: supply chain redesign and self-service portal implementation for a global pharmaceutical company​

By Holly Croxton,

The Context​

Boston Scientific, a global healthcare company based in North America, is renowned for its innovative products aimed at advancing the treatment of cancer and vascular conditions. The company faced the unique challenge of efficiently manufacturing and managing the supply chain for a liver cancer treatment, particularly in scaling operations and providing a customer experience for hospitals that would make treatment ordering and management transparent. ​

With rapid growth across the US, Canada, EMEA, and APAC, combined with the complex nature of the supply chain, the now-legacy system coupled with the manual ordering processes via fax, phone, and email were no longer fit for purpose.​

These challenges necessitated a comprehensive redesign of the supply chain and transformation of the customer experience for Customer Care, Manufacturing, and Distribution.​

The Outcomes​

  • The redesign of the supply chain and transformation of the customer experience involved developing a highly scalable product ecosystem, including a custom order management platform and a self-service customer portal integrated with existing corporate systems for Operations, Customer Care, Finance, and Sales teams as well as customers.​
  • Launch and adoption of a customer-facing portal enabled a transformative shift towards self-service, allowing customers direct access to place orders, and view product availability and order status. This pivotal enhancement significantly improved the scalability of the customer experience.​
  • Roll-out of the self-service portal across the US and Europe was met with remarkable adoption rates of 50% and 75% respectively, demonstrating its effectiveness in meeting customer needs and facilitating seamless interactions.​
  • Standardisation of processes drove a 90% reduction in new staff onboarding with internal efficiency gains doubling the number of patients treated. Compliance conformity led to significant financial savings, with opportunity costs savings of $3.2 million realised across the business. Additionally, the introduction of new employee experiences through the platform ensured a zero record of missed treatments, maintaining high standards of patient care.​

Don’t let outdated systems hold you back. Get in touch with our team of experts today and start your journey towards operational excellence and superior customer care.

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