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We are excited to offer a series of bespoke, private training sessions designed to elevate your team's understanding of the digital landscape.

Register now for Palladium 2024 "Lunch & Learn" sessions

We are offering a range of expert, private and bespoke training for your organisations through our lunch & learn sessions. This gives our team the chance to share expert insight on some of the latest trends and insights in the digital space, new techniques used to uncover insight into potential investment targets, and how upcoming legalisation will affect your assets.

The sessions are completely free, and will be tailored to your portfolio. They can be delivered remotely or in person and typically run for an hour with content and focus refined to your interests.
We are currently running sessions on the following topics:

Transaction Advisory Topics | Identifying businesses that can grow​

How AI can be an advantage for origination

• AI-enhanced methodologies in origination​

• Application of evolving data sources​

• Pipeline monitoring 

Insights from early market analysis

• Insights from Outside-in​

• Understanding underserved and niche B2B and B2C markets​

• Data benchmarks to support go/no go stage gates​

• Preparation for the Management fireside chat

How to properly assess the quality technology product

• Assessing product market fit and how customer feedback is incorporated into the development roadmap​

• Typical red flags for technology product roadmaps and the impact on budgets and deadlines​

• Supporting pillars of digital product development – team, tooling and process 

Creating the optimum customer acquisition model

• Optimal balance of owned vs earned vs paid media​

• Trends in Owned media (e.g. GenAI impact on SEO, First party data)​

• Trends in Earned media (e.g. Influencer strategies)​

• Trends in Paid  media (e.g. Social platform economics - TikTok vs Meta)

Value Creation Topics | Optimising customer acquisition​

The technology trends driving value creation

• Evolution of first party data strategies

• Regulatory changes affecting analytics and advertising capabilities

• MarTech solutions, including AI, for sales and marketing enablement

The role of AI in sales & marketing optimisation ​

• Impact on PortCo's investment in expanding and training internal teams

• Influence on PortCo's collaboration and investment in external agency networks

• Considerations for future resource allocation and strategic partnerships

• Examples and advice for AI-powered sales and marketing tools

A cookieless future and what it means for your assets

• Necessity for assets to adapt to alternative tracking technologies due to Google's deletion of cookie tracking

• Potential reduction in precision of analytics and targeting capabilities impacting advertising effectiveness

• Urgency to innovate in first-party data collection and privacy-compliant strategies to maintain competitive advantage

The changing dynamics of Organic Search

• Potential decrease in organic rankings as Google's SGE prioritises AI-generated content

• Likely reduction in organic search traffic due to changes in search result dynamics

• SEO strategy adjustments to align with the new SGE framework

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About Palladium

Palladium is an award-winning digital and technology due diligence provider and digital transformation partner to Private Equity firms and their portfolios across Europe and the US - providing advisory services throughout the transaction lifecycle. Palladium was named Gold and Overall Winner at the International Digital Experience Awards 2021.