Palladium and the BVCA launch new online training workshops

James Prebble

Whilst most have been able to cope relatively easily with the transition from office work to remote working, joining an endless stream of video calls and hangouts, one particular discipline has been hit especially hard. Training courses.

For the BVCA, the impact has been significant. Widely regarded as producing some of the best training in the Private Equity industry, their renowned introduction to Private Equity course, 100 day business plan course and their deal negotiation course are just a few examples of training that has been impacted by the current restrictions.

BVCA make training courses available digitally

Never ones to stand still, the BVCA have been quick to look at how remote training can be used to deliver these course to audiences, who are more keen than ever to put their time to good use whilst on lockdown.

Working with Palladium, the BVCA have restructured their training courses, making them more suitable for online delivery. A new, multi-day, bite-size learning approach has been introduced and content has been adapted to suit the screen as opposed to the classroom.

Palladium transfer remote working skills to BVCA

Palladium worked extensively with BVCA trainers, facilitating two separate online workshops to introduce new techniques and new technology for delivering interactive and engaging online training. Advance Zoom features, the introduction of Mural, Mentimetre and Mind Meister are just a few of the new additions to the remote training sessions BVCA attendees will be able to look forward to in the coming months.

For Palladium, we are a business built on the principles of remote working, so to be able to pass on to the BVCA and their trainers, the knowledge, technology and techniques we use in our remote working environment, will help enhance the learning experience for all.

BVCA Digital Due Diligence Online Workshops will run over two days in September 2020.

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