Digital Transformation

Palladium's digital transformation process supports clients through three key stages: As-is analysis & strategy development, product & service design, deployment & new ways of working.

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Diagnostic & Strategy

Our diagnostic and strategy process provides you with the insight to make informed decisions about future digital activities. It provides a better understanding of your customers, an understanding of where and how you can improve your operation and provides clarity on your performance, benchmarked against competitors.

Process and outcomes

  • Diagnostic: In-depth data analysis, benchmark performance against competitors, assess capabilities, reputation and visibility assessment
  • Prioritised transformation roadmap: define short, medium and long term digital objectives using Palladium's robust prioritisation methodology
  • Capability requirements: identify the resources and enabling technology required to implement your digital strategy and shortfalls in current capability

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Product & Service Design

A new product or service can become a key differentiator for your business and your brand proposition.

In terms of realising your product strategy, companies no longer have the luxury of time - and budgets are always tight. The outcomes we will deliver:

  • Development of a product strategy in line with your business strategy
  • Wireframing and prototyping of potential solutions
  • Rapid implementation of low risk pilots to prove or disprove solution hypothesis quickly and efficiently.
  • Scaling applications, or iterating them as we understand the impact they have.
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Implementation & Change

Working with you to improve digital capabilities within your organisation, supporting the deployment of new technology and services and implementing better ways of working

Palladium works within organisations to:

  • Support the adoption of better ways of working
  • Procure and implement new technology
  • Embed agile processes and methods of delivering solutions
  • Improve team capability through recruitment and training

Leaving you with the team capabilities to continue to innovate

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