Stabilise Your Business

Identify immediate and long-term cost-saving opportunities across your portfolio

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Palladium Digital Acceleration & Business Resilience Programme

Our new programme offers four 10-day sprint packages, tailored to the immediate needs of portfolio businesses in the current digital climate.

Stabilise overview

We'll help you identify immediate and long-term cost-saving opportunities across your portfolio’s media, marketing & technology spend to deliver quickly implementable efficiencies. Refocus digital roadmap, determine initiatives of highest importance.

Who is it for?

  • Businesses who want to improve their cash position and drive immediate cost saving

  • Businesses highly dependent on marketing to drive leads/sales

  • Businesses who are making headway with their digital transformation programmes but, due to resourcing challenges or cost protection measures, must re-evaluate where effort should be focused

  • What is the output?

  • Prioritised recommendations matrix, estimated cost-savings

  • High-level action plan for streamlining tech, team and marketing spend

  • Revised digital roadmap with execution considerations – spend, upside, resources and delivery feasibility

  • Why you should consider this?

  • Reduce marketing costs whilst still driving demand through the funnel and limiting impact on revenue

  • Improve current demand generation engine, identify inefficiencies and improve agility

  • Improve acquisition costs through the development of a leaner demand generation strategies

  • Understand the most efficient demand generation tactics to shape future acquisition strategies

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