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Quickly understand key risks and your cyber maturity.

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Escalating cyber security threat

Cyber attacks are now one of the biggest threats to emerge from the developing Covid-19 pandemic, due to millions of people working from home, away from security procedures in the workplace.

By 2021, cyber crime damages are predicted to cost the world $6 trillion annually.

For business leaders, prioritising cyber security in the current climate, especially as the pace of digitisation accelerates, is vital to understand cyber risks and how to rectify them.

All businesses are at risk

All organisations, regardless of industry or size are at risk of cyber attacks.

In 2019, 55 percent of small, medium and large UK businesses reported at least one security breach.

With the most attacked industries over the past 5 years being healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, government, and transportation sectors.

How cyber mature is your business?

Three quarters of UK businesses admit they're unprepared for a cyber breach. Pre-coronavirus, cyber attacks were up 11 percent, confirming the lack of preparedness.

The new normal, remote working, away from trusted office networks means offline procedures move online and employees may not question emails requesting sensitive information.

There has already been an increase in coronavirus-related phishing attacks aimed at unassuming workers; phishing attacks on healthcare have more than doubled in then last two months.

Palladium Cyber Security Audit

Our remote cyber security review enables organisations to quickly understand their key risks and cyber maturity.

We work with organisations who want to understand:

  • The key cyber security risks they currently face

  • Existing vulnerabilities that could be exploited

  • How they can practically reduce these risks over the next 12 to 36 months

  • Our Cyber Security Audit can be undertaken remotely over 5-10 days (depending on the size of the organisation) and enables rapid identification of the areas to be addressed.

    What do you get?

    Our cyber security review will provide you with:

  • Insight into the organisations current cyber security maturity

  • Evidence-based assessment of existing technical vulnerabilities

  • Insight into the resources and costs required to address the key issues identified

  • Speak to a Cyber Security Expert

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